Secret tips from Paul Smith on ‘HOW TO COLOR YOURSELF’

Posted by inspiredbypaulsmith on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 11.32 pm.

The autumn and winter have arrived at the same time as Paul Smith 12 collections. This time his inspiration is from under the deep sea where theme colors are black, navy blue, dark green, and brown. However, the fans should not be worried. Without colorful clothes, it could not be Paul Smith. Dark colors are his base used for suits, overcoats, pants and shoes. On the other hand, neon yellow and vivid orange are for T-shirts, scarves, and vests.

Basically, clothes are to protect the user’s body from weather and dirt. But more importantly, they can express particular identities of users or designers to the world. In this collection, Paul Smith designed clothes for his customers to use during autumn and winter, so the materials of clothes are thick and warm. Dark colors not only keep the warmth from the sun, but also make users look thinner when they wear many layers of clothes.

To be differentiated from other brands, which use similar fabrics and same shades for cold season, once again Paul Smith’s clothes have excellent cutting and creative gimmicks. Multi-colored stripes and outstanding graphic designs at the bottom of shirts, at the end of sleeves or even on the cufflinks make his clothes fun and energetic. Paul Smith’s suggestions are:

  1. Imagine your wardrobe is a frame of picture. You should think that this is going to be your self-portrait.
  2. Paint your basic clothes such as suits or blazers with basic colors. Doing so, you can wear them often and easily mix and match with other clothes.
  3. Continually add color and different design to your wardrobe. This will make you feel lively when you dress and keep in mind to dress like who you are, not from only designers’ perspectives.
  4. Remember ‘Less is more.’ Too much color on your clothes will make you look like a clown, yet one dim color will make you boring.


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